British Lampwork

Whois record of registration: Registered on: 21-Mar-2005

11 years ago, with the intention of helping British beadmakers reach an international audience when there was no social media other than special interest forums where beadmakers could meet and share information, we thought that it would be a great idea to create an advertising cooperative for those who wanted to reach a larger audience but could not do it on their own.  Two of the major bead magazines in the US had advertising rates that really were beyond the pockets of most people, but as a group there was the chance of pooling money to buy advertising space.  As a few beadmaking friends were interested in the idea, Mike and I decided that we would fund most of the costs but charged a pro-rated price per person and offered the chance for beadmakers in the UK to participate.  This is how British Lampwork was born.

It was not by any means an easy birth, complications were part of the process but there were enough people interested to make it a viable project.  We were not interested in making money from it, we simply wanted to offer the chance for beadmakers here to gain a wider audience.  Despite quite a few ruffled feathers, we went ahead and started up the website and sent out our graphics for inclusion in both Bead and Button and Beadwork magazine.  We also put ads in the UK Bead Society magazine as well as occasional other publications.

Our first logo: 2005

British Lampwork 205

Featured in Bead & Button on their Artisan page.  Six hardy souls started out but others came and went over the past 10 years.

Bead & Button Oct 2005

Over the years, the layout of the website changed, beadmakers came and went but the idea remained the same.

British Lampwork logo – 2010

British Lampwork 2010

Eventually, it reached the point where advertising in the US was no longer a necessity.  The advent of internet access for social media such as Facebook added a new dimension and made costly adverts a thing of the past.  And now, with changes in EU laws about what taxes and regulations are applied to digital media including hosting sites such as British Lampwork, it has reached the point where it was time to call it a day after 11 years.

We started it as a way to bring British lampwork artists to the world and now it is time to simply allow it to remain as a testament to the idea of two people.  Thank you to everyone who stuck it out with us, despite some rough moments.

It was always all about the glass.